[Watch] NYC Weed Shop Raid Report

Cash Only toured the four unlicensed pot shops that got busted by police in early February, including two that were within a block of Smacked, the city’s second officially licensed dispensary. The battle for bud in the Big Apple continues...

420 Recs: Emily Eizen, Artist and Model

The artist is not bound by medium, but her work has a consistent MO: “My message was, and still is, focused on showcasing the beauty and diversity of cannabis users and culture.”

Hotboxing NYC’s Dopest Cannabis Holiday Market

On Saturday, December 17th, Cash Only threw its inaugural holiday market. Over a thousand people came, shopped, and smoked under THC-infused tinsel. Watch our video documenting what went down.

420 Recs: Tobias, Musician

The talented young musician behind "Two Birds" came through to talk about his love-hate relationship with weed, including how it can relieve (or enhance) OCD symptoms, as well as make you think you're a dolphin.

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