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What Type of Weed Do Pornstars Like Best?

Cash Only has featured conversations with many different sex workers, so we thought it was time to compile some of their thoughts to attempt and answer the question: How do adult entertainers like to smoke weed? Jane Wilde, Michael Vegas, Maya Kendrick, and retired performer Chloe Cherry weigh in.

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Since Cash Only launched on 4/20, we’ve made an active effort to feature a variety of sex workers and adult entertainers in our articles and videos. After all, weed and porn are complementary businesses — birds of a feather, in a way. They are two multi-billion dollar industries that were heavily stigmatized (and criminalized) for decades. They are both evolving and gaining more public acceptance in real-time. They are both fun as hell and make people happy and entertained. Plus, adult performers tend to love the devil’s lettuce. As a friend once noted, “The combination of weed and porn is pretty much its own content category on social media.” 

We’ve published quite a few conversations with sex worker to date, and thought it was time to compile some of their thoughts to attempt and answer the question: What type of weed do pornstars like best? 

Unsurprisingly, the subjects’ answers were as unique as they are as individual artists and humans. That said, we noticed a couple trends. For the heavy consumers, strain preference matters less than affordability and quantity. Edibles are always a winner. And most of the selected talent like to wait until after a shoot has wrapped before lighting up. 

Below, we highlight the THC taste of performers including Jane Wilde, Valentina Bellucci, Maya Kendrick, Michael Vegas, and Liara Roux. We also included our dear friend Chloe Cherry, even though she’s fully retired from smut and has become a full-on Hollywood star. As an added bonus, we included replies from sex publicist Melissa A. Vitale and Spectrum Boutique CEO, Zoë Ligon. Get your weed lube ready and enjoy!

Jane Wilde photographed by Zach Sokol

Jane Wilde
Full Interview Here

As of right now, I don’t have a particular favorite strain. I always lean more towards indicas though — in da couch. I’ve been smoking a lot of pre-rolls lately due to my laziness and reluctance to crush and roll weed. Joints have always been my preferred method of smoking! 

Currently my favorite weed product is Garcia Hand Picked’s indica pre-rolls. First of all, the packaging is sick. The brand is run by the daughters of the legendary Jerry Garcia, so every box has a Grateful Dead setlist on it, and inside is a small envelope with five big joints, a glass tip, and matches. It’s the perfect little stoner kit. I love supporting them and their products because they’re so good… plus, I love rock ‘n roll. 

Valentina Bellucci
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I usually go for hybrids or sativas. Even before sleep hybrids usually work well for me. I have a few favorite brands like CAMP, WYLD, and Incredibles. I only use edibles. I never was a smoker and smoking joints or bongs don’t work well for me. Occasionally I will hit a vape pen, but with such a big selection of edibles, I stick to them. I buy pretty much all edibles. Gummies, droppers, infused drinks, chocolate bars, and capsules. Also, I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to edibles so I’m not really worried about them hitting me too much. 

Photo by Victor Von, courtesy of Maya Kendrick

Maya Kendrick
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I actually don’t have a favorite strain. I kind of like everything [laughs]. I’ve always just been like, “The more weed, the merrier.” I’ve never had a favorite anything; I like it all. I’ve never felt like, “Oh I want to be this specific type of high.” I’m willing to gamble.

I smoke out of a bong and I vape a lot. I can’t roll anything, and I’ve never been able to roll anything. And now I feel that that ship has sailed. I live in a state that sells pre-rolls, so why try now? I admire other people who can roll, though. I genuinely think of it as a skill set. My hands just are too dumb — it’s not gonna happen.

Michael Vegas
Full Interview Here

Some favorite strains include J1, XJ-13, Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, Runtz. It switches up a lot. We typically buy a quarter pound at a time because we have a sweet weed connect with a distributor, so we can get wholesale prices, which is glorious. So we’ll try a quarter pound of this, a quarter pound of that. The plug has great, organic stuff. 

I will say my favorite indica strain is Louis XIII. You’ve gotta get some. It’s excellent for pain management, and ideal for when you want to be stoned out of your mind! It’s the only strain where I’ll be like, “Let’s go smoke some weed,” and I’ll load a bowl or roll a joint, and hours later I’ll find a half-smoked joint or half-full bowl. It makes me so stoned that I’ll wander away and forget I was smoking weed.

Liara Roux photographed by Zach Sokol

Liara Roux
Full Interview Here

Note: Liara Roux is primarily an escort, dominatrix, sex work educator/activist, and writer. She has made porn in the past, but “pornstar” isn’t entirely accurate

I am personally a huge fan of THC-only edibles. They’re the perfect way to start my day! If I’m smoking, I absolutely prefer sativas. Indica, for whatever reason, makes me anxious as fuck!

When I was living in the Bay Area, two of my roommates grew weed in a warehouse. They were perfectionists, and the weed was sooooo good. At one point, they collaborated with this chef who runs a Michelin star restaurant to make delicious grape-flavored gummies. I think it was a very limited run, so it’s not a product you can still buy, but I still dream about them.

Chloe Cherry photographed by Zach Sokol

Chloe Cherry
Full Interview Here

Note: Chloe has retired from the adult entertainment industry and is now a Hollywood A-Lister!

My favorite weed strain is going to the shop and saying, “What kind of shake do you have?” LOL. I don’t care about getting premium, top-shelf weed anymore — that stuff is way too strong. I think shake is lighter and chiller. When I smoke, I smoke — like I will smoke all day because I like the activity of smoking. Shake facilitates that, you know? I can’t smoke top-shelf weed all day. One joint of that stuff is too much. Shake helps keep my tolerance low, too. 

I’ll get my shake from any dispensary. I’m not loyal to just one. That said, there’s this one called “The Weed” that is good. I like the name, it’s simple. Plus, shake costs like $18 for a quarter there.  

I only buy indica shake because I mostly use weed for the purpose of sleeping. I’m not really a day smoker. When I do embrace day smoking, it’s because I’ve been working nonstop and need a full day to relax and do nothing. So if I want a full day to myself, like a whole day to chill, I’ll smoke during the day. 

Also, I’m a bong girl. I use one glass bong at a time, usually nothing too fancy. I usually wait too long to clean it, though. I’ll clean it once someone comments about it and says “ew.”  

I’ve tried the dab pens and they’re cool, but I like a bong full of both weed and tobacco. They call it a “moke” in LA – in Canada they call it “batch” when it’s a spliff bowl. I rarely smoke spliffs at home or by myself. But I will roll a spliff if I’m with other people because it’s kind of hard to share a bowl. If I’m trying to share or have a sesh, I’ll twist a spliff using American Spirit rolling tobacco. 

Melissa A. Vitale photographed by Zach Sokol

Melissa A. Vitale
Weed & Sex Publicist
Full Interview Here

For the past three years my go-to strain has been Space Queen. I’m a spliff enthusiast — 95% Space Queen with roughly 5% Danish Export Tobacco, hand-rolled in Bob Marley classic rolling paper with a RAW Classic tip. I’ll be cutting out tobacco by my next birthday and I’m looking forward to switching up my consumption methods. 

As for some favorite weed products, I was recently given a Grounded Crystal Ball Pipe from Sackville & Co, and after figuring out how to smoke it, it quickly became my favorite piece in my house. Like tons of other folks in cannabis media, the Flower Mill has also captivated my heart; if you identify as a regular consumer or stoner, I recommend the Premium Flower Mill

Zoë Ligon
Sexual Health Educator and Adult Toy Purveyor 
Full Interview Here

These days I smoke the weakest weed I can find. I go into dispensaries and say, “Give me your mildest stuff” and they say, “Wow no one ever asks us that.” Then they scramble around to see if anything meets that criteria. I smoke almost daily, and going for a 10% THC strain is good for my soul and sanity. I love the act of smoking itself, and if I smoke more than a hit of any strain with more than 20% THC I am TOASTED and out of commission. Is this what getting older feels like? Anyway, I smoke joints and even though I can roll them myself they are way better when my boyfriend is rolling them for me. My holy grail strain is Jesus Christ OG x Jillybean, which I found 7 years ago in Michigan and haven’t encountered since. 

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