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420 Recs: Pot Journalist David Bienenstock

David Bienenstock is a true pot pro. The journalist and co-host of "Great Moments in Weed History" came through to discuss the merits of pipe resin, how playing ping pong stoned is good for the brain, and why the best weed is weed you grow yourself.

Cash Only’s 420 Recs is an ongoing series where interesting folks offer recommendations for all things 420 — what strains they like, what weed products are blowing their minds, and what they like to do once stoned.

David Bienenstock is a pot pro, an endo expert, and a real marijuana maestro. Alliteration aside, the man is truly an authority on all things 420. 

To give you a quick rundown: Bean is the author of How to Smoke Pot (Properly), arguably the best primer on weed I’ve ever read (and a surefire way to get boomer parents curious about the plant). He was formerly a top editor at High Times, as well as a contributor to every publication under the sun, and has been profiled by The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and many other outlets. 

These days, Bean hosts the excellent potcast (sorry) Great Moments in Weed History alongside weed legend Abdullah Saeed. Each episode, the duo explore a different milestone in marijuana history or highlight an overlooked hero in the space. Stand-outs include their dive into the time Willie Nelson ripped a joint on the roof of the White House, or how Maya Angelou’s life dramatically changed after the first time she got stoned. The show is fun, educational, and serves as a vicarious smoke sesh with two of the best tokers out there. 

David is a very nice guy with inimitable insight into what makes the cannabis plant so special. Lucky for the admins at Cash Only, he was down to offer some 420 recommendations, including why you should grow your own weed, the merits of pipe resin, and his current love of oral history books.

New podcast humorously highlights the heroes and hidden history of cannabis  - Baltimore Sun
David Bienenstock and Abdullah Saeed, co-hosts of “Great Moments in Weed History”

What’s your current favorite weed strain?

David Bienenstock: My stock answer is that my favorite kind of weed is whatever you’d like to share. The woo-woo answer is that the best weed in the world is the weed that you grow yourself, which is true. Not just for emotional reasons, but because you can give your own plants such individual care and handle the buds like delicate little diamonds while trimming and curing them and they don’t have to get stuffed into a turkey bag and mailed cross country.

Also, Chemdog. 

Do you have a preferred weed product right now?

Pipe resin… Not really, but pretty much the only time I’ve ever smoked it was because I literally didn’t have any other way to get high, so it’s pretty solid in that regard. Pipe resin is like a weed 401K account (420K account?) you didn’t know you were contributing to and then all of a sudden those shares vest baby!  

David Bienenstock x Cash Only
David Bienenstock buying weed on the first day of adult-use sales in Colorado. Photo courtesy of Bean.

What activity do you like to do after you’ve smoked?

Playing ping pong while stoned is proven to be good for your brain and is also really fun.

Can you recommend something to watch while stoned? 

It’s not for everybody, but The Chris Gethard Show is one of the all-time hidden gems of entertainment. He did an episode called “Pot Brownie Roulette” where (two hours before filming) all the guests were given brownies, but not told which ones had weed in them and which were placebo brownies. The entire episode is trying to figure out who’s stoned. 

Can you recommend something to listen to while stoned? 

I can definitely recommend checking out Great Moments in Weed History, my podcast with Abdullah Saeed. Each episode uses a proprietary mix of humor and history to tell an incredible story about cannabis culture. Did you know Maya Angelou’s life changed forever the first time she got high?

David Bienenstock x Great Moments in Weed History x Cash Only
David Bienenstock, Abdullah Saeed, and Ben Sinclair doing “Great Moments in Weed History” live in Brooklyn

Any particular books you like to read after smoking?

A recipe is a great thing to read while stoned because it will likely lead to eating something home cooked and delicious. Lately I’ve been on a kick of reading oral histories. The oral history of Dazed and Confused is very fun if you like the movie. 

For more on David Bienenstock, visit his website here and follow him on Twitter

For more on “Great Moments in Weed History,” visit the podcast’s landing page here

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