420 Recs: Melissa A. Vitale, the OG Weed and Sex Publicist

The founder of the first dedicated cannabis and sex PR firm is a ganja goddess with excellent taste. The MAVPR boss chatted with Cash Only about her perfect spliff recipe, being very prepared for pot picnics, and crystal ball pipes.

420 Recs: Ondine Viñao, Artist and Filmmaker

The NYC-based video artist came through to discuss her fairly new relationship with weed, including her boyfriend's homegrown bud, how smoking benefits her writing, and the haircut-focused Pinterest board she adds to when she's very stoned.

420 Recs: Michael Vegas, Iconic Pornstar and Pot Lover

In a long and very fun interview, the most interesting man in adult entertainment talks about how marijuana changed his life after a horrible motorcycle accident, his passionate relationship with juggling, and how weed pairs well with ASMR porn.

420 Recs: Trey Smith, Music and Marijuana Journalist

Cash Only’s 420 Recs is an ongoing series where interesting folks offer recommendations for all things 420 — what strains they like, what weed products are blowing their minds, and what they like to do once stoned. Trey Smith is perpetually chill.

420 Recs: Jon Cappetta, Top Dog at High Times

The VP of Content at the world's most infamous cannabis publication obviously has some strong opinions about his pot preferences. Here, Cappetta weighs in on daytime strains, legit medical products, and his favorite High Times covers from the past.

420 Recs: Jackie Bryant, Powerhouse Pot Reporter

The prolific cannabis writer and investigative reporter walks the walk when it comes to weed, and she has some specific thoughts about personal pot preferences, policies regarding receiving product samples, and getting her boyfriend to share a joint.

420 Recs: Brock Colyar, Nightlife Reporter

The writer known for New York Mag's "Are U Coming?" party column talks about writing sober but editing stoned, ethics regarding consuming drugs with a subject, and how weed has recently infiltrated fashion parties.