420 Recs: Mark Moran, Employee #1 at Litquidity

The media personality and former "Fboy Island" reality star talks about weed use on Wall Street, confusing a coworker with a drug delivery service called Tech Support, and why his Twitter engagement pops off when he's baked.

420 Recs: Yung Nihilist, Your Favorite Meme Lord

The beloved shit poster and creative explains why "keta-weed" (ketamine + weed) is a good combo, recounts getting stoned for the first time at a Fiesta de Palos event in the Dominican Republic, and shares some choice marijuana memes.

420 Recs: Domo Genesis, Rapper and Odd Future OG

Domo Genesis might be the headiest smoker out of all the original Odd Future members. Here, the rapper talks top strains, communing with nature, and the time he split an edible with Action Bronson and lost his damn mind.

420 Recs: Gutes of The Drunken Canal

The co-founder and head honcho of The Drunken Canal weighs in on weed being too strong these days, her very chic grinder, and the merits of Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter.