420 Recs: Pot Journalist David Bienenstock

David Bienenstock is a true pot pro. The journalist and co-host of "Great Moments in Weed History" came through to discuss the merits of pipe resin, how playing ping pong stoned is good for the brain, and why the best weed is

420 Recs: Sean Yeaton of Parquet Courts

The "deranged bassist" of Parquet Courts, aka the brilliant Sean Yeaton, talks about his beloved grinder, Rubik's cubes, and Joseph Kittinger jumping out of a balloon from the edge of space.

Watch: Weed Lawyer Tommy Two Stix Tells All

An interview with cannabis attorney Thomas Leon, Esq. (aka “Tommy 2 Stix"), who explains the difference between cannabis copyrights and trademarks and breaks down Oklahoma’s marijuana licensing boom.

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