[Watch] NYC Weed Shop Raid Report

Cash Only toured the four unlicensed pot shops that got busted by police in early February, including two that were within a block of Smacked, the city’s second officially licensed dispensary. The battle for bud in the Big Apple continues...

Hotboxing NYC’s Dopest Cannabis Holiday Market

On Saturday, December 17th, Cash Only threw its inaugural holiday market. Over a thousand people came, shopped, and smoked under THC-infused tinsel. Watch our video documenting what went down.

Watch: How to Make THC-Infused Pesto

For this new edibles tutorial, Cough Creative teaches us how to make THC-infused pesto, which can pair with a million different dishes. Enjoy!

Watch: Weed Lawyer Tommy Two Stix Tells All

An interview with cannabis attorney Thomas Leon, Esq. (aka “Tommy 2 Stix"), who explains the difference between cannabis copyrights and trademarks and breaks down Oklahoma’s marijuana licensing boom.